Haynes WorkshopData solutions for South Africa.

HaynesPro is part of the Haynes Publishing Group, renowned worldwide for their automotive manuals. Since our launch in 1995, HaynesPro has served the automotive market with the latest technical data for cars, trucks and light commercial vehicles. We are committed to providing independent workshops with easily accessible data to enable them to maximise efficiency and profitability.

Easy and Fast

CarsData HaynesPro WorkshopdataTechnical Data, Workshop manuals, Repair times, Wiring diagrams, Step by Step diagnostics, detailed views and layouts – All the technical information by HaynesPro Workshopdata™ in your laptop now, just in one touch.

The new design adapted to be usable for personal computers, laptops, notebooks, tablets and smart phones as well.

Screenshot CarsData HaynesPro Workshopdata

• Just type VIN code – the car you need on the screen

• Or use the navigation menu- search by vehicle edition year, engine type, component or part name

• Save the time – use Last selected vehicles option

• Add frequently opened marks to Favourite makes

Workshop manuals

Workshop manuals - Screenshot CarsData HaynesPro Workshopdata

CarsData HaynesPro offers – detailed, step by step “how to “ replacement procedure instructions : Timing belts, clutch, engine head, wheel alignments, airbags removing, keys programming, etc

Repair Times

Repair Times - Screenshot CarsData HaynesPro Workshopdata

Our repair times module contains detailed descriptions of all servicing and repair work, including standard labour times. The module specifies individual repair items and calculates their cost. As it takes account of follow-up as well as additional work, no labour items are overlooked – either in the cost specification or the invoice. This helps to maximise workshop revenue.

Step by Step VESA™ diagnostics

Step by Step VESA™ diagnostics - Screenshot CarsData HaynesPro Workshopdata

VESA™ provides instant access to an extensive database of detailed information on electronics systems and the CAN-Bus. Most specialist tools can retrieve vehicle data quickly and accurately. The user is subsequently presented with one or more fault codes. Unfortunately, malfunctions cannot be resolved solely on the basis of a fault code and description. This is where our VESA™ system comes in. Starting from a fault code, VESA™ generates type-specic diagnostic solutions whereby the fault code defines the most logical diagnostic path.
VESA™ specifies: the pin numbers where readings should be taken, the colour of the wires, the expected values, a scope image (if applicable)

Detailed layouts and wirings

Detailed layouts and wirings - Screenshot CarsData HaynesPro Workshopdata

Detailed layouts and pictures, including tightening torques and parts locations.


• Service schedule by mileage or time
• SmartFIX’s Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) keep users informed of manufacturer recommended servicing and maintenance work. The bulletins contain checklists of items equiring inspection or repair. They also specify the required replacement parts and labour times.
• SmartCASE, our unique case-based technical database, offers ready-to-use solutions to known problems encountered by workshops and details their verified fixes. The database is based on actual workshop experience and real, proven solutions.

Workshop Connect™:

Workshop Connect - Screenshot CarsData HaynesPro Workshopdata

Of course as a user you want to continue where you left off, apart from device or location. That is why HaynesPro developed Workshop Connect. All the information linked to a user’s account is saved in the cloud, making it accessible from any device. The stored information included recently viewed cars, saved cost estimates, work orders, specific vehicle configurations and user settings.


There are 3 different packages available for both the car edition, as well as for the truck edition.  This is to ensure that the smaller workshops can compete with the larger ones.  The packages is sold as an annual  subscription, and is cloud based so their is no loading of software.

Download price list (PDF format):

Car Edition

Truck Edition

Each South African packages includes a licence for 4 users.

Contact us:

AUTOBOOKS : (HaynesPro – official distributor)

telephone no. : 012 653-7155

E-mail: info@autobooks.co.za

Address: 19 Estcourt Avenue, Wierda Park, Centurion,

South Africa, 0157

HaynesPro Workshop data approved by MIWA (South Africa).

After testing a trial version of the HaynesPro Workshop Data for a number of months, the software was approved and recommended for use in South African workshops.  Due to this fact, we have proudly incorporated the MIWA logo in our website.  MIWA stands for “Motor Industry Workshop Association of South Africa” and represents 2500 independently owned workshops in the RSA.

MIWA logo

Car, LDV's, and Truck repair software for the RSA.