HaynesPro SmartFIX™

HaynesPro SmartFIX™ provides Technical Service Bulletins containing all the information which a workshop needs to diagnose and repair common faults across a range of vehicles.

The HaynesPro SmartPACK™ which is made up of the HaynesPro SmartFIX™ and the HaynesPro SmartCASE™ modules, is included in the South African “Ultimate Pack” only. The SmartPACK™module is listed below.

With a simple mouse click, the mechanic can instantly check the availability of Technical Service Bulletins or recall data for a given vehicle. HaynesPro SmartFIX™ is available as an add-on module to HaynesPro WorkshopData ATI™ and also as part of our HaynesPro SmartPack™.

By offering this module, which researches known faults and issues as well as recall data, the parts distributors will help the independent workshop to save time and money. All the data in HaynesPro SmartFIX™ complies with the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) documentation.

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SmartFix : Identifying the problem.
SmartFix : Solving the problem.

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