HaynesPro SmartCASE™

HaynesPro SmartCASE™ is a unique database module containing cases, with verified fixes and tips, for vehicles on the European market.

The HaynesPro SmartPACK™ which is made up of the HaynesPro SmartFIX™ and the HaynesPro SmartCASE™ modules, is included in the South African “Ultimate Pack” only.  The SmartPACK™module is listed below.

With the introduction of this module, HaynesPro is extending its coverage from OEM-based technical data to information sourced from industry experts and renowned helpdesk organizations. HaynesPro SmartCASE™ helps the independent workshop to quickly check for solutions to uncommon problems for a selected vehicle, so saving time and money.

HaynesPro SmartCASE™ allows parts distributors to increase their service levels to the independent workshop. It offers clearly formulated and appropriate solutions, enabling every mechanic to work with this data.

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SmartCASE : Identifying the problem.
SmartCASE : Repairing the problem.

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