Extra Benefits

Adding Workshop Information

HaynesPro allows every workshop to add their own company details and labour rates into the system. Once the repair times are added the system will automatically give you a cost estimate of the job, this can then be printed and shown to the customer as a guideline oh how much the job will cost. There is also a section for parts which you can add in with the cost, which will automatically be added to the grand total. You can also add your customers details and save the job you have done on the car, so when the customer returns all the information of the previous service will be shown. A cost estimate will also contain your workshop details with the customers details for your convenience.

HaynesPro VESA system

HaynesPro VESA™ (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant) is an innovative electronics diagnostics tool. Using data retrieved from the vehicle’s CAN-Bus system, VESA helps mechanics to diagnose fault codes and component errors.

The VESA system has done away with excessive wiring diagrams.  Use your existing diagnostic equipment to generation a “fault code”.   Enter the fault code into the HaynesPro software, and the VESA program will automatically generate the most logical diagnostic repair solution for the fault code that you entered.  The aim of this program is to save you time and money in locating the faulty component.

HaynesPro SMART

WorkshopData offers instant access to a multitude of Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) sourced from original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Our team of technical authors carefully adapts the TSBs we receive and orders them via symptom, cause and solution.

HaynesPro SmartCASE extends HaynesPro’s coverage from OEM-based technical data to information sourced from industry experts and renowned helpdesk organizations. SmartCASE™ is a unique feature containing cases, with verified fixes and tips. It allows technicians to check quickly for solutions to common problems related to a selected vehicle which may or may not be linked to a fault code; thereby saving time and money. 

HaynesPro Car Data for Africa