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HaynesPro VESA™

HaynesPro VESA™ (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant) is an innovative electronics diagnostics tool. Using data retrieved from the vehicle’s CAN-Bus system, VESA helps mechanics to diagnose fault codes and component errors.

The HaynesPro VESA™ module is included in both the South African business pack, as well as the Ultimate pack.

What does this mean?

The VESA system has done away with excessive wiring diagrams.  Use your existing diagnostic equipment to generation a “fault code”.   Enter the fault code into the HaynesPro software, and the VESA program will automatically generate the most logical diagnostic repair solution for the fault code that you entered.  The aim of this program is to save you time and money in locating the faulty component.

The video below shows both the old method of repair via making use of wiring diagrams, as well as by using the VESA system.

What happens if the diagnostic equipment shows more than one “fault code”?

Enter each fault code into the space provided, and separate them by a comma.  The VESA system will generate the most logical diagnostic repair for each code, and then will compare the fault code solutions together in order to find common threads.  A unique fault repair guide will be created, in order to find the faulty component.  See Combined Diagnosis VESA, below.

Combined Diagnosis VESA

The module, which benefits from intelligent, step-by-step diagnostics, generates local component diagrams from a ‘net list’ and automatically generates type-specific diagnostic solutions whereby the fault code defines the most logical diagnostic path.

Since its introduction in 2010, HaynesPro VESA™ has proven its value to both workshops and parts distributors. By offering HaynesPro VESA™ to the independent workshops, parts distributors have seen a significant reduction in returns of incorrectly ordered parts. HaynesPro VESA™ enables workshops to offer higher levels of service and reduce costs.

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WSD VESA component diagnosis
HaynesPro VESA component diagnosis


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