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HaynesPro Information

HaynesPro WorkshopData™ – Car Edition

HaynesPro WorkshopData™ – Car Edition is the flagship product of HaynesPro. Since our launch in 1995, we have been serving the professional automotive market with our technical database for cars and light commercial vehicles.  HaynesPro is committed to providing independent workshops with products which will enable them to work more efficiently and improve their profitability by saving time on finding essential automotive technical data.

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HaynesPro WorkshopData™ – Truck Edition

HaynesPro WorkshopData™ – Truck Edition is a multilingual and multi-make heavy truck database, specifically developed for independent workshops which repair and maintain major truck makes.  To assist the truck workshop mechanic we provide repair manuals on a variety of components such as axles, engine, transmission and clutches. All diagrams use standard symbols, are available as full colour vector graphics, and can be easily printed.

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HaynesPro VESA™

HaynesPro VESA™ (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant) is an innovative electronics diagnostics tool. Using data retrieved from the vehicle’s CAN-Bus system, VESA helps mechanics to diagnose fault codes and component errors.  The module, which benefits from intelligent, step-by-step diagnostics, generates local component diagrams from a ‘net list’ and automatically generates type-specific diagnostic solutions whereby the fault code defines the most logical diagnostic path.  Included in the South African Business and Ultimate packs only.

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HaynesPro SmartPACK™

HaynesPro SmartPACK™ is a combination of 2 complementary modules; HaynesPro SmartFIX™,  HaynesPro SmartCASE™, plus additional information on safety recalls.  The HaynesPro SmartPACK™ is included in the South African Ultimate pack only.

HaynesPro SmartFIX™ provides Technical Service Bulletins and recall data, containing all the information which a workshop needs to diagnose and repair common faults across a range of vehicles.

HaynesPro SmartCASE™ is a unique database module containing cases, with verified fixes and tips, for vehicles on the European market.

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