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RSA WorkshopData Prices

The HaynesPro  WorkshopData™ editions are sold as listed below;


  • Please note that the  WorkshopData™ Editions are sold as an “annual subscription package”.  Therefore a new licence will be required after a 12 month period.
  • Each South African WorkshopData™ package will come standard with the facilities for four (4) users.  (Already included).
  • There are 3 different Workshop Data packages for South Africa.  The “Technical” package is aimed at the small to medium workshop and sell for R4,290 (ex VAT).  The “Business” package includes wiring diagrams, and sells for R 9,950 (ex VAT).  This package is aimed at the medium to large workshops, and auto-electricians.  The top of the range package is the “Ultimate” package and includes all modules on offer.  The price of the Ultimate pack is R12,950 (ex VAT).  Breakdown description below.

Car, LDV's, and Truck repair software for the RSA.