Electronic Module

Fuses and Relays:

Clear fuse location and identification feature. Ever helpful, HaynesPro has created an Electronics module packed with essential information, typified by this clear fuse location and identification feature. Fuse boxes may be installed in various locations on a vehicle, making them more difficult to find. Using the data in Fuses and Relays minimises the time spent on searching.


One of the clear goals of HaynesPro’s data is to reduce the number of unbillable hours. The time spent on searching for ground points, control units or the EOBD connector location should be reduced as much as possible. To facilitate this, HaynesPro’s electronic data offers direct links to such locations.

Electronic Procedures:

Disconnecting/reconnecting a battery used to be a straightforward task. In modern vehicles, the procedure is more complicated. The mechanic needs to know what procedures to follow after reconnecting a battery. This will prevent the customer having to return the vehicle to the workshop due to errors in systems such as parking assistance or power windows. Due to the growing number of hybrid vehicles on the market, mechanics also need specific instructions on how to work safely on these vehicles.

Warning lights and indicators:

An extensive list of possible warning lights, specific to each manufacturer, with a short description and solution.

Wiring Diagrams:

Clear, ‘localised’ wiring schematics for all key vehicle features, with wire and component trace functionality for fast, efficient, first-time fixes. Wiring diagrams covering e.g. door locks, windows,  airbags, exterior lights, starting/charging and wash/wiper systems Pan and zoom functionality Highlight functionality to trace corresponding wires and components.

HaynesPro Tutorials | Fault code analysis

HaynesPro VESA™ (Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant):

An innovative electronics diagnostics tool. Using data retrieved from the vehicle’s CAN-Bus system, VESA helps mechanics to diagnose fault codes and component errors.  The module, which benefits from intelligent, step-by-step diagnostics, generates local component diagrams from a ‘net list’ and automatically generates type-specific diagnostic solutions whereby the fault code defines the most logical diagnostic path.

HaynesPro Tutorials | Fault code diagnosis VESA

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