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Seven Sea Traders CC T/A Autobooks have been selling Haynes repair manuals for more than 20 years to South Africans workshops, and public alike. We have experienced many changes from printed books to online manuals, and understand how cost sensitive South Africa is. Therefore we are keeping our pricing low but still giving quality repair information which South Africans can rely on.

Many of us still rely on Haynes repair manuals to work on and repair our vehicles. Haynes repair manuals have been trusted since the 1960’s for DIY and gives you “step-by-step” instructions to repair your own vehicles. For printed manuals, Haynes buys a car and strips it down and rebuilds it. During this process a number of photographs are taken, showing exactly how the parts look and fit together. The final result is a repair manual with detailed steps and black in white photos.

For more info on Haynes repair manuals please follow the link, if you would like more info on Haynes Manuals All Access online follow the link

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