Do you need an internet connection to use HaynesPro?

Yes, as HaynesPro is cloud based you will need an internet connection to access the information. 

Do I need to pay extra for any updates?

No, HaynesPro is updated continually at no extra cost. Bigger updates are done every quarter where many new vehicle makes and models are added, and smaller updated are done on a daily bases.

Does HaynesPro include Flat Rates?

Yes, now named Repair Times, they are included in HaynesPro.

Does HaynesPro include Torque Settings?

Yes, you will find it under Adjustment Data.

Is HaynesPro a Diagnostic Machine?

No, HaynesPro is cloud based software data which does include the VESA guided diagnostic system. HaynesPro can also be used on diagnostic machines which have an internet connection.

How long is a HaynesPro licence valid for?

1 Year (e.g. 1 January 2020 to 1 January 2021), once payment is received your licence will be activated and your login details will be sent to you via email, your login detail will be valid for a year. If you no not renew your licence your login details will expire and you will be unable to log into HaynesPro.

What happens after I make payment for a HaynesPro licence?

Your HaynesPro licence will be created and your login details will be sent to you via email within the same day.

What is the difference between the 1 User and 4 User licence?

A "User" means how many people can log into a licence at one time, therefore the 1 User will only allow one person to login at a time and the 4 User can allow up to four people to login simultaneously.

Are the Wiring Diagrams in HaynesPro in colour?

Yes, all Wiring diagrams are in colour and with colour codes.

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