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MIWA, the Independent Workshop Association, is dedicated to representing a wide range of automotive services, including General Repairs and Auto Electrical Workshops. MIWA recognizes the importance of keeping up-to-date with the constantly evolving technologies and best practices of the aftermarket motor industry, and therefore strives to remain ahead of the curve in order to provide its members with the most relevant and effective resources and support.


HaynesPro is all about helping independent workshops work smarter and increase profitability. HaynesPro is super easy to use on your phone or computer. It's packed with everything mechanics need, like repair info, technical drawings, torque settings and even smart guided diagnostics on wiring diagrams. From fixing cars to trucks, HaynesPro has got you covered. We make sure you've got all the right info, from maintenance schedules to repair times, so you can do your job with confidence.


The special project began because of the urgent need for access to affordable technical and repair data by MIWA workshops. This initiative not only helps workshops grow and improve service but also strengthens MIWA's reputation as trustworthy professionals. It brings members together and lets more people know about MIWA's services.

MIWA accredited members get a 50% subsidy when they sign up for HaynesPro and a 25% subsidy when they renew their license in the second year.

Included Features

Repair Times

HaynesPro provides precise repair timings for any repair work. Our database has over 11 million labor times, providing you with accurate estimations of how long a repair should take.
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Torque Settings

Don't put your vehicle's components at risk by guessing at the proper torque settings. HaynesPro delivers accurate torque requirements for every vehicle, guaranteeing that every bolt is tightened to OEM standard.
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Repair Manuals

HaynesPro offers access to over 600,000 repair manuals for all makes and models, including step-by-step methods and illustrations to assist you in repairing any issue.
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Maintenance Schedules

With HaynesPro's maintenance schedules, you can keep your clients' vehicles running smoothly. Our database contains service schedules for most makes and models, guaranteeing that your clients' vehicles are serviced on time.
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Lubricants & Fluids

Use HaynesPro's fluids and lubricants database to ensure that the correct lubricants and fluids are used for each repair. Almost 16,000 products from 135 manufacturers are represented in our database.
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Wiring Diagrams

HaynesPro's wiring diagrams make it simple to diagnose and repair electrical problems. Our schematics are accurate and simple to interpret, allowing you to solve even the most difficult electrical problems.
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Only pay 50%

MIWA accredited members will recieve a 50% subsidy when subscribing to HaynesPro. You can decide if you would like to pay the full amount or pay monthly for 6 months only.

Customer Feedback

This software is essential for any and every workshop.
Eddie Whitehead
We use it as a daily tool to assist in quoting our clients for repairs and diagnosing problems we might encounter mechanically or electrical wise.
Bernard Spies
Since I started using HaynesPro the technicians in my company have had access to a wealth of information.
David Froude
The diagrams, technical data, technical bulletins, and maintenance procedures have enabled us to carry out a much more efficient service to our customers.
Shokeel Rajlall
Overall HaynePro offers a wide range of information on the various brands and models of vehicles. I would recommend it to all workshops.
Emma Smith
HaynesPro is as essential as your 10 socket when it comes to the motor trade.
Dawid Bakkes
HaynesPro a very great program to have with helpful tips and guidance in most aspects to your vehicle requirements.
Richard Good
HaynesPro has really been a great part of our business and we rely on it almost everyday.
Jade Hean
It's a pleasure to join HaynesPro Team.
Harry Morar
Since the inception of my business we have been using HaynesPro which has been a GREAT help.
Shane Benvie


Working together to keep South African's wheels turning.
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