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I am almost 7 days into the trial period and is extremely overwhelmed with the software. I used the Auto data for more than 15 years and must say the Haynes Pro is a much better program and is so glad that they have gone the extra mile to do the training videos even in Afrikaans.

I warned Bosch and auto data not to long ago to not be complacent as for the kid around the comer will soon be ahead of them and it just happened.
Vickus Pieters
CEO/Master technician of Fochville Diesel & Petrol Services 🇿🇦
This software is essential for any and every workshop. It helps with everything from Timing belt and chain procedures, torque settings and much more. The electrical side is very helpful, from wiring diagrams, to recalls, to Technical Service Documents. Its basically everything you need for when you stuck. The DTC error code search function is great, especially the ones on your diagnostic’s where it says Description unknown.
Eddie Whitehead
Director/Technician of EL Vehicle Diagnostic’s & Repairs 🇿🇦
HaynesPro Workshopdata has assisted us at DBS Auto Clinic immensely over the past few years. We use it as a daily tool to assist in quoting our clients for repairs and diagnosing problems we might encounter mechanically or electrical wise. In our opinion we rate HaynesPro Workshopdata 5 stars as it has all the needed information required to do our work, operation of the system is quick and easy as well as gets updated regularly to stay up to date with vehicle information. A must have tool/information platform for any workshop in order to do work efficiently and correct the first time. Keep it up!
Bernard Spies
Managing Director of DBS Auto Clinic 🇿🇦
We have been using HaynesPro for some years now. Being a owner of a workshop in the open market and like many others we are always in desperate need for information regarding service schedules, repair instructions may it be electrical or mechanical. Although there is not one software system offering us everything I can clearly see the progress and positive changes HaynesPro are doing. I can without a doubt recommend HaynesPro software to all workshops out there.

Thank you for making the workshop space easier for us all.
Carlo Du Plessis
Managing Member of Cencar 🇿🇦
Since I started using HaynesPro the technicians in my company have had access to a wealth of information.

With the complicated vehicle systems in modern vehicles the step by step test and diagnosis of problems is so much more simpler with the program.

My techs now have all this information at their fingertips.

The program is worth every cent.
David Froude
Managing Director of Auto Tech LDA 🇲🇿
This product has extensively benefitted our business.

We are able to quote our customers promptly and accurately using the guidelines of this product.

The diagrams, technical data, technical bulletins, and maintenance procedures have enabled us to carry out a much more efficient service to our customers.
Shokeel Rajlall
Managing Director of Prems Auto Service 🇿🇦
I use the HaynesPro every day to check maintenance schedules on vehicles, repair times for specific jobs, plus a host of other information that is available on the system. The HaynesPro also provides for example useful technical drawings for timing belts and torques settings for various components which always come in handy. Overall HaynePro offers a wide range of information on the various brands and models of vehicles. I would recommend it to all workshops.
Emma Smith
Managing Director of GT One 🇿🇦
HaynesPro is as essential as your 10 socket when it comes to the motor trade. When performing a diagnostic scan I head straight to HaynesPro for a breakdown on the fault codes and instruction on testing components and wiring. The technical section is unmatched and has saved us countless hours. It also has a ton of technical information regarding torque settings for flywheels and headbolts which we use every time we do this kind of work. Every time we service a vehicle we refer to HaynesPro's breakdown of the appropriate service interval parts needed and look at the comprehensive list of the correct oils and lubricants for every vehicle. I mean you could be in the motor trade without a 10 socket, but it is much easier to have it on hand.
Dawid Bakkes
Trustee/Technician of Motolek Humansdorp 🇿🇦
HaynesPro a very great program to have with helpful tips and guidance in most aspects to your Vehicle requirements.
Richard Good
Managing Director of Port Alfred Service Centre 🇿🇦
HaynesPro has really been a great part of our business and we rely on it almost everyday. There are a few things that we get stuck with and don’t find but 95% of what we look for is there. The information is very informative and is set out in a way that is easily understandable. I don’t think we would be able to do the work we do without the HaynesPro.
Jade Hean
Managing Director of Ethekwini CV Joints 🇿🇦
It's a pleasure to join HaynesPro Team. Here everyone helps with technical information . It's like a happy family. The agents do not help with technical info.
Harry Morar
Managing Director of Serengeti Fleet & Car Services 🇿🇦
Since the inception of my business we have been using HaynesPro which has been a GREAT help, it’s is very user friendly and has most of the information that is required per vehicle, the range of vehicles is also great, I regularly get calls from other ISP asking for torque setting for example, I used to contact our regular engineer to get the torque settings but have found theirs is the same as HaynesPro, the wiring diagrams are also easy to follow and useful.

Another useful part of HaynesPro is the check sheets that can be printed for the workshop and for the customer, I have heard stories of a couple of ISP not using check sheets, the vehicle then having to go back to the OEM for warranty work but been declined as the ISP did not use check sheets, the OEM stated that the services were not completed properly and they won the case and the ISP ended up paying for the repairs, this is the last thing we ISP need to our lives.

The only issue we have with HaynesPro is that there are a few South African derivatives service schedules that are not the same as Europe and therefore need to double check the service schedules, if this could be improved HaynesPro would be the perfect tool.
Shane Benvie
Managing Director of Elpis Service and Gearbox Centre 🇿🇦


Working together to keep South African's wheels turning.
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